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Sanitary Stainless Steel Filter Housing - Filter Housing

Sanitary Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Sanitary Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Filter Housing


SS filter housings are ideal for sterile filtration applications. These single and multi round sanitary filter housings include a positioning plate, positioning plate retainer rods, vent and drain connections, silicon 'o'- ring or gaskets and sanitary gauge port.
The filter housing are used to protect the sensitive components of the control system and odorant injector.
Exclusively designed to ensure meeting all the pharmaceuticals industry housing applications. Customization according to process requirement.
Flow efficient design with low pressure drop Steam jacketed and electrically heated housing with option of integrity test.
User friendly vertical design with sanitary connection.


CIP and SIP design.
Easy draining features, including downward sloping internal contour and low point drain.
Fewer welds – extremely sanitary design.
Cartridge locks into place assuring secure installation.
Automated orbital welding – produces consistent high quality welds.
T-style and inline configurations allow flexible piping options Chemical certificate, dimensional certificate, raw material traceability, hydro test certificate.


It is used in Pharamaceutical,Dairy,Food Industry, Beverages.


No. Of Cartridges : Up to 25 Nos, (Customizable as per requirement).
Cartridge Length : 5”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”.
Flow Rate : Up to 100 m³/hr , (Customizable as per requirement).
Cartridge Fitment : Plug - in.
Design Code : ASME section VIII Division 1.
MOC Stainless Steel Grade : 304, 304L, 316, 316L.
Pressure Rating : 1 bar – 15 bar.
Temperature Rating : -25°C to +65°C more on request.
Connection Size : ½” – 4”.
Connections : Flange, Tri-Clover Clamp, Socket.
Sealing Material : EPDM, Silicon, Viton, PTFE.
Lifting Device : Lifting Handle, Lifting Lug.
Vessel Support : Legs, Tripod.
Surface Finish : Internal <= 0.38µm Ra and External <=0.5µm Ra, as per requirement. Electro Polished / Matt Finish.


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