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About Our Company

We at Neel Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. welcome you to the world of Fluid Transfer Solutions and manufacturing Hoses. Established in the year 2017 by experienced and highly qualified professionals, our primary and key focus is into the Process and General Industries. Through our sound domain expertise, we are actively involved and are able to provide fluid transfer solutions for the industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Cosmetic and Dairy. We manufacture hoses and are specialised in providing products under hoses family viz; PTFE hoses, Silicon hoses, Flexible Hose Assemblies, ASME BPE Standard Tubes and fittings, Sanitary Valve and Gaskets across India.

Neel Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Neel Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for its range of products and services in supply of Sanitary Tubes, Fittings & Valves, PTFE / Silicon Flexible Hose and Hose Assembly.

Neel Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading solutions provider in the space of Hydraulic Machinery. We are in the technical collaboration with O+P, Italy that enables us to bring in all the high quality oriented and precise custom based solutions. All our hydraulic machinery products are the resultant of rigorous research and timely tests to provide the world class and sustainable products to the industry operators. Hydraulic machinery products offered by us are manufactured under the stricter compliance and guidelines laid though EC standards for quality and safety. Most of our products undergo innovations as per the dynamic demands with the time and to meet challenges faced by the industry.

We at Neel Pharma constantly strive and ensure to adapt to the dynamic and diversified industry needs of our end customers. We have expertise in providing solutions like:

• Hydraulic Hose Crimping

• Tube Bending

• Tube Forming applications

We also have expertise in providing different types of machines like:

• Crimping Machine

• Hose Cutting Machine

• Hose Skiving Machine

• Tube Bending Machine

• Testing Machine

• Flaring Machine

• Multifunctional Machine

• Hand Operated Crimping Machine

We are based out of our Head Office at Dombivli, Mumbai, primarily handling all the commercial activities and our factory outlet is based out of Ambernath, Mumbai which is well-equipped with all the essential infrastructure and latest technologies. All our manufacturing activities are process driven and as per the required accurate standards.

Highest Quality Standards

We seek to continuously improve its effectiveness through the implementation and maintenance of a quality system. The improvement is measured against objectives that are defined at all levels of the organization

Statistical Achievements

We have a continuous progressing growth in our clients, products and customer satisfaction.


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