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ASME BPE Tube is absolutely hygienic conditions are necessary for the entire production cycle of pharmaceutical and ultra-high industries. Therefore, tubes with a smooth internal surface are extensively installed with the advantages of cleaning easily and avoiding bacteria contamination. CSE only offers tubes that are manufactured, quality controlled, marked, and certified according to the highest standards for hygienic equipment design and guarantees extended quality and traceability. CSE BPE tubing significantly reduces inspection requirements prior to installation by utilizing only the highest quality stainless steel materials
CSE delivers directly from stock the following stainless steel tubes in grade TP316L with low sulfur content of 0.005% to 0.0017% and SF1 and SF4 finishes (according to the ASME BPE specification)

  • SF1 ID Pol. Ra≤0.5µm/OD Pol. Ra≤0.8µm
  • SF4 ID EP Finished Ra≤0.38µm/ OD Pol. Ra≤0.8µm

What is EP (Electro Polished):
EP is surface condition processing technology, which can be applied on various metal (Stainless steel, alloy steel etc) for obtaining high clean quality on surface. EP process on stainless steel metal can obtain an advantage on metal surface with smooth, Clean, bacteria free and superior corrosion resistance finished.

CSE BPE EP Advantages:
  • Homogeneously EP layer to minimize rouging.
  • Higher chrome concentration for better corrosion resistance.
  • Guaranteed smoothness of all internal surfaces to reduce Bio film.

  • Advantage of EP
    • 1. Superior performance in polishing : it can dramatically improve the surface roughness on metal to Ra 0.05µm..
    • 2. High purity : EP can remove particle, metal fatigue and oxidized metal from work piece, As well make surface smoothly, on which bacteria cannot survived. Smooth surface will Help to solve the problem of particle adherent.
    • 3. High resistance of corrosion : Passivation layer is a very important product, which is created On the surface of stainless steel during EP process, Stainless steel work piece processed with EP can obtain around 10 times corrosion registration superior that no -ep-one.

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