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ASME BPE Fitting

Absolutely hygienic conditions are necessary for the entire production cycle of pharmaceutical and ultra-high industries. Therefore, ASME BPE fittings, with a smooth internal surface are extensively installed with the advantages of cleaning easily and avoiding bacteria contamination.

CSE BPE EP products with following advantages:
  • Homogeneously EP layer to minimize rouging.
  • Higher chrome concentration for better corrosion resistance.
  • Guaranteed smoothness of all internal surfaces to reduce Bio film

SF1 ID Pol. Ra>0.5µm / OD Pol. Ra≤0.8µm
SF4 ID EP Finished Ra≤0.38µm/ OD Pol. Ra≤0.8µm

CSE delivers directly from stock the following stain[1]less steel tubes in grade TP316L with low sulfur content of 0.005% to 0.0017% and SF1 and SF4 finishes (according to the ASME BPE specification)

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