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Silicone Hose

Silicone Hose

Neel Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are technically collaborated with world class manufacturers and having world class assembly facility in India. We offer platinum cured silicon hose.

  • Platinum cured Silicone hose for suction, delivery and transfer of high products, foodstuff and fluids with alcohol content up to 96%.
  • Reinforced version suitable for process application requiring a tight bending radius and a high vacuum resistance.
  • Platinum cured silicon hose is used in Food, pharmaceutical , dairy and cosmetic industries.
  • Platinum cured silicon hose is having High suction capacity
  • Platinum-cured silicone hose with non-sick and hydrophobic properties. Safe solution for use in the aseptic environments and hygienic applications:utmost care is used starting from the choice of high-purity ingredients, production and storing procedures.

  • Pharma grade validation platinum cured silicon hose design is tested in accordance with USP Class VI, EU Pharmacopoeia and FDA Standards. Hose in accordance with EC 1935/2004 and 2023/2006/EC (GMP).
  • Our production cycle is free from animal derived ingredients, phthalates, adipates and materials subject to restrictions according to EC 1907/2006 (REACH).
  • Plasticizers free hose.
  • Nitrosamines free hose.

  • Construction
    Platinum silicone tube and outer cover, translucent, Food and pharmaceutical quality,odourless and tasteless,smooth,glossy finish. It may easily to cleaned with any mild detergent.

    • Plies of synthetic cord.
    • Embedded steel helix wire

    • -60°C to +200°C.
    • Sterilization up to +160°C for max. 30 minutes.

    Certificate -
    • Compliance: FDA Standards 21CFR.
    • USP Class VI
    • 3A Standard.
    • German GBVV XVA LIIA

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